Why it’s Important to Hire an Attorney After a Trucking Accident

If you have been injured in a trucking accident, the first step you should take after receiving medical attention is speaking with an attorney. Trucking accidents are often far more complex than car accidents and lead to more serious injuries. Thus, an experienced External link opens in new tab or windowtrucking accident lawyer will give you the best chance of winning your case and receiving the highest amount of compensation.


Why accidents happen


The root cause of trucking accidents often starts weeks if not months or years in advance of the accident. For example, trucking companies may hire unqualified drivers or overwork their drivers to the point of exhaustion, making a future accident inevitable. Furthermore, companies may cut corners on needed maintenance to their trucks, such as repairing bad breaks or bald recycled tires that don’t stop on wet roads.


An attorney will be able to study your case and investigate the cause of the accident. They can help uncover all potentially liable parties from the owner of the truck, the driver, the individual or company who hired the driver, who repaired the truck and more.


Complex laws and regulations


There are extensive state and federal regulations in the trucking industry. These standards help keep everyone safe on the road by limiting the length of trips a driver can take, the speed at which trucks can travel, the weight of cargo trucks can carry and more.


Only an experienced attorney can navigate these complex regulations and can help determine if any laws were broken and as a result, caused your accident. An attorney also understands the level of investigation required to handle these cases and can hire the right experts to help build a case on your behalf.


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